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The 2017 National Remarketing Conference/NAAA Convention last week ended on a high note with thousands of remarketing professionals and auction managers gathered together in Palm Springs, CA. The highlight of the week for me was each and every day reconnecting with many familiar faces along with the opportunity to meet new friends as well.

I loved seeing everyone get together to share knowledge, uncover new opportunities and form new business relationships to help the industry continue to evolve.

This year more than ever it was clear to me that our people are the most valuable asset to our organization. General Managers and Associates alike are our eyes and ears with customers and the pulse of the industry.

Our General Managers Mean Everything to our Business

Our General Managers are front and center to where the action is and mean everything to our business. They know our dealers’ needs better than anyone else because they are personally engaged with them each and every day. Our GM’s are passionate and hardworking and knock it out of the park, bringing to life a superior customer experience while building relationships and trust amongst our dealer community.

The Engagement of our Frontline Teams are Critical to the Success of Manheim

Auction operations can be stressful and our GMs are in the frontline trenches, together with their teams, rolling up their sleeves and coaching the staff on delivering superior service, day in and day out, making it happen. Our General Managers know how to address the unique circumstances that arise in their specific auction and foresee issues before they arise.

Craig Amelung, general manager, Manheim Fredericksburg said “I maybe the General Manager but I am no more important than anyone else on this team. I am ok with putting myself in situations to be laughed at, and in a lot of cases, I am the first one doing the laughing. Our team works hard making our clients profitable, and if I can be the source of getting them to share a laugh and a smile, then I am ok with it”.

Honoring the Best of the Best

13 Manheim auction locations were recognized as Auto Remarketing‘s Best Auto Auctions to Work For 2017! These awards are significant because Manheim team members determine them. By providing their viewpoint on workplace life, they catapulted these locations to the top of their auction peer group and secured the award for their auction. The Winners are recognized both in this edition of Auto Remarketing and during a special celebratory breakfast, sponsored by CARS Recon, that took place on Thursday, Nov. 16 at the National Remarketing Conference/NAAA Convention.

Congratulations to the 13 Manheim locations honored this year during Used Car Week!

  • Manheim California
  • Manheim Dallas
  • Manheim DFW
  • Manheim Darlington
  • Manheim Fredericksburg
  • Manheim Hawaii
  • Manheim Keystone PA
  • Manheim Lakeland
  • Manheim Mississippi
  • Manheim Nashville
  • Manheim Pensacola
  • Manheim Philadelphia
  • Manheim St. Pete


Tom Wernhoff, general manager, Manheim California said, “Our location definitely stands out due to our team’s direct participation in developing the processes to drive operational success and developing new strategies to improve the client experience. Our focus on lean management and staying focused on making our clients successful have driven a high engagement level amongst the team”.

Used Car Auction

A used-car auction is more than a marketplace; it is a culture in itself. Car dealers come to auctions to not only buy and sell, but they also come to meet and socialize. Manheim has built services around its auctions that make it easier for dealers to do business. Do the cars that are being sold need body work or engine repairs? Does a dealer need to store vehicles for the next auction? Manheim will take care of it. This approach built relationships with thousands of dealers that trust Manheim to stand behind the cars bought and sold.

A typical auction facility has anywhere between ten and fifteen physical lanes with a podium adjacent to each lane with an auctioneer. The cars continuously move down the lane and every minute or so the hammer falls and the vehicle at this point is either sold or is not sold, exiting out the other end with another car following closely behind. While an auction can appear chaotic at first, all of the movement is deliberate and orchestrated; the ringmen, auctioneers, and of course, the rolling cars.

Auctions are important in the sale of used cars because not only do they provide dealers with a ready source of automobiles, they protect the buyer(s) and seller(s) in the vehicle transactions by handling the transfer of funds, title and other administrative tasks. Dealers can rest assured that If they discover a problem with a car before leaving the auction site, the sale can be nullified.

Thank you

Thanksgiving is a special time to be with family, friends, watch some football and be thankful for what you have. I would just like to say thank you to each and every one of our team members, our auctions, our clients + community for making it happen each and everyday. Happy Thanksgiving.

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Author: Nick Peluso

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