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Disruptive Innovation and the Emerging Importance of E-Business within Remarketing

Stacy Pepworth, RMS Automotive EU Business Development Director, was the acting chairperson of The 2018 European Networking Group conference that took place this January in Amsterdam.

This year’s agenda highlighted two key concepts: Disruptive innovation and the Emerging Importance of E-Business within Remarketing.

Stacy kicked off Day 2 and shared his views on the digital transformation of the remarketing industry, covering areas such as;

  • The prevalent technology of 2018: Block Chain, Internet of Things, 5G, AI, Edge Computing and Analytics
  • What trends will we see more of in the future
  • Rate of change and its challenges
  • The way ahead…Digital Transformation


To view the entire presentation please click here

Author: Stacy Pepworth

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