PODCAST: Brett Woods, VP of Assurance at Manheim

Brett Woods, who is vice president of Assurance at Manheim, sat down with senior editor Joe Overby at the recent NAAA Convention in Indianapolis for an episode of the Auto Remarketing Podcast.

They talked about the growth in services like post-sale inspections, condition reports, imaging and more, and the impact of digital remarketing in this field.

Hear more from the conversation in the podcast below.

Woods was joined by Manheim vice president of Offsite Solutions Derek Hansen at the Used Car Week for a Pre-Owned workshop titled “Cut Losses & Increase Confidence.”  In this workshop, dealers will learn about the latest enhancements in digital wholesale channels and gain an in-depth understanding of the differences between the myriad of post-sale protection solutions. Some takeaways from that workshop:

  • Identify digital advancements in the wholesale landscape that can help dealers increase their margins by making smarter buying decisions.
  • Educate dealers on ways they can add a layer of protection to purchasing vehicles sight unseen.
  • Empower dealers to transact with greater speed and efficiency through more informed acquisition strategies.



Source: Auto Remarketing

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